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Ordibehesht Shifa health tourism company
Company Introduction:
Travel and journies tourism services company of Ordibehesht Shiraz on January 11, 2017 was successful in taking the article B and started its activity exactly that time, which was successful to introduce its name in this arena, and attract the addressers' attention of this arena to itself in the shortest time.
This company after one year activity was successful in taking the license of health tourism which also in this affair with due attention to have experienced staffs, started its activity in this area.
This company has the license of exportion of Iran visa and also health visa. It should be noted this company with having experienced managers in this area and also experienced staffs and with having the license from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for exporting Iran visa and health, characterizes itself from other paraller companies in this area.

Activities and Goals
The services this company can present to its addressers in this area are professional services such as:
*Exporting health visa

*Cooperation with the most experienced specialized's doctors in beauty and medicinal affairs
*Partnership with the most equipped hospitals and clinics
*Staying in the best hotels in duration of treatmemt periods for the patient and the attendant
*Having tourism various plans in case of the passenger's request
*Accompanying a reliable translator for accompanying the patient in duration of treatment periods

This company with having scientifical ability in this area and with due attention to the experiences and scientifical ability of board of directors and staffs and also with keeping the genuineness snd eork honour and creation of trust building basis and maintaining human values and helping to fellow_creature along treatment affair in several years in future overcomes the difficulties and work limitations in this area, and will introduce itself to its addressers as one of the famous brands in this area.

The reasons for choosing and importance of Iran in the area of health tourism
*Outstanding and good name doctors
Doctors and professors work in Iran who own the name around the world and their good reputation helps the brand image of Iran in the field of tourist therapy
*High quality
Iran has an equipped and hi-fi hospital that uses the equipments with advanced technology
*Scientific progress
Iranian scintists and researchers have seats in many fields such as infertility treatment and stem cells and in some medical fields is in pioneering at the frontier of knowledge
*Tourist attractions
Ancient history and rich culture, beside the four season weather puts up Iran among the top 10 countries in the field of tourist attractions
*Reasonable price
The cost of medical sevices in Iran compared to developed countries is much lower and in comparison with developed countries is competative. The most important reason for it, is the weakness of the Iranian currency against the dollar.