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Ordibehesht Shifa health tourism company
Company Introduction:
Travel and journies tourism services company of Ordibehesht Shiraz on January 11, 2017 was successful in taking the article B and started its activity exactly that time, which was successful to introduce its name in this arena, and attract the addressers' attention of this arena to itself in the shortest time.
This company after one year activity was successful in taking the license of health tourism which also in this affair with due attention to have experienced staffs, started its activity in this area.
This company has the license of exportion of Iran visa and also health visa. It should be noted this company with having experienced managers in this area and also experienced staffs and with having the license from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for exporting Iran visa and health, characterizes itself from other paraller companies in this area.



September 18, 2018

Stem Cells Used to Make Skin Young Again

Finding a proper treatment for wrinkles and scars left behind as a result of acne and skin problems has always been an issue of interest to […]

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